Monday, 25 March 2019

Chicks- Day 8

😊 Thank you Mrs Whicker for looking after the chicks at the weekend.
We have noticed lots of changes in the chicks already. They are growing wing feathers and tail feathers. The brooder box looks very small for them now as they are growing fast!  
Some of the chicks wanted to say hello to us today.

Friday, 22 March 2019

WOW certificates

You will notice that WOW certificates are coming home in the children's book bags. These are for you to record any WOW moments by your child. It could be something that your child is extremely proud of or has done for the first time. Some parents find this an easier way of sharing news, so they can be used as well as or instead of posting on Tapestry. There is no deadline for these as they are on-going.

Chicks- Day 5

Mrs Whicker has kindly taken the chicks home to look after them over the weekend for us.
Thank you.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Chicks- Day 4

We have moved all of the chicks into the blue brooder box. We have given them a bowl of food and water to keep them healthy. The children think it is very funny that the chicks stand in their food bowl and then eat it!

Can you see how the chicks are changing?
Don't forget to bring in your permission slips so that you can hold a chick at school.

Chicks- Day 3

Wow! This morning, the children put their things away and saw that five more chicks had hatched overnight. After lunchtime, the children were also really lucky to see one more chick hatch in Sparkle Time. The children and the teachers are so pleased that all ten chicks have hatched!

The last chick to hatch was a boy, so we put a banner up in Class 1 to celebrate. We now have four girls and six boys. We know that from their colours. Can you remember which is which?

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Chicks- Day 2

We have chicks! The first chick arrived early this morning. It was number 7. Three more then hatched throughout the day. We think that at least three more will be here by tomorrow.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Chicks- Day 1

Early Years had an Egg-citing delivery today! 10 chicken eggs were delivered for us to look after. We have numbered each egg so that we can have some fun guessing which egg will hatch first. 
The lady from Living Eggs giving us some important instructions to follow 

Keep looking on the blog for daily chick updates. You are very welcome to come into Class 1 after school to see the incubator/ chicks once the children have all been dismissed.